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Glass :: cthu1hu User cthu1hu
An attempt at the old glass look.. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Glass 
Wallpaper GRNSCR-1920x1200.jpg 

crowmag Alright cthu1hu, just how the hell did you do that? I know how you did the menu, but that ain't bbLeanSkin. TrueTransparency?
dpcdpc11 how in the world did you do that style dude?? are u using some bbmod? how did you do that gradient on the title menu, bottombar, and window title bar??? that's just not possible with bbLean... or is it???
oldskull I think he used ShellWM :) BTW look great!!
cthu1hu I'm using shellwm for the titlebar, modded the wallpaper with a b&w leanbar background with transparency and the menu title is using the border trick. Here's the style.
dpcdpc11 i still dont understand how u managed to get that glass effect on the leanbar... how did u modded the wallpaper?
cthu1hu With a black and white strip behind leanbar and leanbar's alpha value is set to 230. Here's the shellwm skin if anyone wants it.
Omni Looks really nice. But does the technique work well with other non-black/white colors, or is it optimal only with this color scheme? [I'm thinking of the Leanbar transparency trick in particular]
dpcdpc11 now i get it.. cool trick... hope in the near future bbLean and bbLeanSkin will have this feature so you could set 2 different gradients one for each half of the defined area so you could get this nice glass effect natively.
cthu1hu @Omni- haven't experimented too much, but it seems more contrsted tones would be better..
byterhythm whats the "border trick"?
cthu1hu Look in the style I posted above. The menu title border width and color are set to make the split gradient.
mini-man WOW. amazing. Please tell me this works with leanskin?
cthu1hu nope, no leanskin, but shellwm is quite easy to skin..
mini-man Nah I meant for the extra buttons. S'ok though. I'll be recoloring this in a few - I can't stand not doing so with such a tasty style waiting to be on my desk.
cthu1hu thanks bro. I posted in the forum about positioning m-run...
mini-man ah didn't see that - posted now.

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