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golden fields :: dpcdpc11 User dpcdpc11
this time i made a little modification to the side bar.. i made it a little wider and added winamp over it with the Milkdrop visualization on.
i'm a regular foobar user but i found this winamp skin on a friend's skins archive and it goes perfect with this style... hope you like it!
btw... the winamp skin is: GSM_Winamp_FrostedFlames. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Mint by Minimal[dpcdpc11 remake]

Omni Very seamless. Everything coordinates well. Is that all BBInterface for the system monitoring panels and everything?
dpcdpc11 kinda.. it's bbinterface with some plugins loaded like: bbSky, bbNetTraffic, bbReminder, bbRssReader, bbAnalogex. and then there's winamp on the bottom of the sidebar.
Bocuma Nice style... and nice choice of Winamp visualization! How did you get Winamp inside the bbinterface frame though?
dpcdpc11 it's an illusion my friend... you can't get winamp into the frame... i checked the Always On Top option in winamp and carefully place it to match the frame. but the cool thing is that the winamp skin matches perfectly with the style. glad u like it!
Bocuma Awww. You had me fooled, I thought it was part of the frame. Still a great style though.

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