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Laza :: cthu1hu User cthu1hu
This is a port of lyrae's theme Laza with permission. The shot is a shameless copy of her great screenshot here: link

Download the style/3DC here: link 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Laza 
Wallpaper Green Stripe by Z3ppelin recolored 

roka I really like that one. Nice!
mini-man Tastes like chocolate. (in other words, I like)
qwilk Wicked! Can I have the recolored wallpaper? :)
cthu1hu Tried to email it but it times out as I'm on dialup. So I'm putting it here for now. Don't tell anyone ;)
clone looks very nice, but sorry. what is the 3DC? and what are you using to view the png image?
cthu1hu 3DCC stands for 3D color changer. It's a utility that sets the colors of classic windows. There's also a few bb plugins for it. To get the image viewer, do a google for "zeed english"
dpcdpc11 stylish... like it a lot!! nice work man!
cthu1hu thanks. all credit goes to lyrae
clone how about those folder icons. where did you find those?
cthu1hu That came from nanogant 2.
Danne Looks good as always.
sMs sexy
,fable can someone tell me how to get mine to look exactly as in the picture?
cthu1hu fable: install bblean and 3dcc.

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