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REGAL_ :: mini-man User mini-man
Full screenshot here
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Regal 
Wallpaper Just a colored damask.. 

captain very sharp, great job
doctorfrog What Miranda plugin is that for the message window? Looks good. Also, what's the Miranda theme you're using?
iTiVO I assume he's using Pidgin IM.
cthu1hu Very usable. Like how the menu has the bevel without a title.
mini-man Thanks everyone. That actually is Miranda, I just grabbed the pidgin sources and got the icons from there.
mini-man Oh, and the message window is scriver. :)
doctorfrog Thanks!
mini-man np
Wobble All that is missing is a link to download that phantastic style :)
mini-man Style | Background
mini-man oops, forgot to mention. The style linked has a different menu, I got bored and just styled for the titlebar.
Wobble Hey, thanks a lot :)
txGreg thanks for the style /\/\. (FYI - the bg link seems not to work ATM)
mini-man Oops! The extension is gif, not png. Sorry. The actual link is here .
txGreg thanks /\/\, found the gif (view source) but wasn't sure if that was the only version or not. :)

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