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gnomic :: mini-man User mini-man
splitgradient madness. 100% unoriginal. D: 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style gnomic by //inimal
Wallpaper not sure the real name...but it's at interfacelift 

Pitkon Love the experimentation! Good work.
dpcdpc11 this is what i've been waitting for a long time... cant wait to try the new splitgradient style.... great work bro!!
dpcdpc11 could you also post the screenshot from the forum with the reLuna colors or maybe just post a link to the style pls?!?! this is the screen i'm talking about: link
iTiVO OH MY GOD i NEED to get my hands on this build!
mini-man Thanks everyone. dpc and iTiVO, you don't need to build from svn to get the new build anymore, eliteforce uploaded his patch and the patched binaries (including all plugins, etc) long ago but no one noticed, but the link is there. dpc: I uploaded the wall, link on the relunded shot over here.
dpcdpc11 thanks bro for the style and the new NEB build tip!!
oldskull Thanks Minimal for the tip :) Of course big thanks for the style, I already found out those eliteforce build when you posted it but dont know about the new gradient command *THUMBS UP* I finally got myself this build on my desktop with your style :)
mini-man Thanks oldskull and dpc - can't wait till noccy officially releases it so all of us can be at ease at releasing stuff D:
iTiVO Well you were officialy the first to submit a stylefile with the new splitgradient. And what a nice one that was.
mini-man Well technically Pitkon beat me to it even though he didn't release a style. Can't wait till there are more styles floating around though, can't wait to see how some of you guys will use it :D
pjdark man thats just fantastic style and screen! hip,hip hooray for split gradients! great work brotha. :)

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