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IceAge :: Pitkon User Pitkon
IceAge is another preview of the coming-soon BBClean NEB shell by Noccy ( More info on the enotes page in the screenshot.
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style IceAge by Pitkon 
Wallpaper Dangeruss work, of course! 

mini-man Brrrr!
Jarppi Again, its HUUUUGE. :/ Sadly.
iTiVO How come the volumebar in the menu is not showing completely? Like the colors and experiments in here.
Pitkon Thanx, iTiVO. The volume length is a matter of fonts here, unless you mean something else.
iTiVO It's just i have the same problem since i'm using margins 0 and i'm interested in having a "complete" volumebar.
Pitkon Again, it's a matter of fonts. I use marginwidth 0 myself, since I started playing with full length separators (over 0, there is an empty space in menus. I've spoken to noccy about this)
suli6969 pit that some bad sh my man good work it looks great
Pitkon Hey, suli6969, so good to see you again. Thanks for your kind words!

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