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Spur :: snkmchnb User snkmchnb
thought i'd upload a new style since the style pack was just updated ;P wanted to keep it simple, not sure if i like it or not 
Shell Nix Box
Style Spur by snkmchnb
Wallpaper L'universe (modded by me) 

unkamunka interesting - you're stretching yourself :)
Pitkon This is VERY good, snk! Love the colors :)
mini-man :o awesome
maaneeack interesting...Not sure the window colors match though. Maybe make the menus solids instead of gradients too? Its good though.
cthu1hu Love that menu
auto That menu is pretty sexy, nice work.
snkmchnb thanks, everyone! :-D
ArthurDent I'm not sure I love it, but it sure is different. Nice work!

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