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Train :: Pitkon User Pitkon
Another port – this time from Talisman to Blackbox. Original theme by aist, wallpaper "Lost In Reflection" by Stormchild. All frame elements are bbinterface, as close as possible to the original. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Train 

snkmchnb i like this way better than the style i did for the wall. well done, Pitkon!
blueswilder The interface, looks like a real transparent, I mean png transparent. Is that new release of bbinterface? And thank you for your style.
Pitkon snk: You did a style for this wall? I am afraid I didn't see it. Link, please? blueswilder: Some parts ARE transparent. No, it's not a new release, though something may be on its way. And you are very welcome :)
blueswilder So, how do you do it? The font on bbinterface is not transparent.
snkmchnb Pitkon: link
maaneeack wow, that stuff is huge. Looks good. That bar along the bottom is BBI? Nice.
snkmchnb [quote=maaneeack]wow, that stuff is huge.[/quote] -- that's what she said. sorry, couldn't resist.
thewayofzen i did a style for this too lol
thewayofzen link even
Pitkon snk: Great style! I can't believe I didn't see that. zen: Your style is fine, too. Where was I?
Pitkon maaneeack: welcome back and thanks. I love huge. :) Yes, the bar is bbi, with overlaid graphics, of course. snk: I love huge. That's what I said, sorry, I couldn't resist :D And maameeack is a she? I gotta apologize for all the times I referred to her as "he". blueswilder: I guess you are referring to winamp's title. The background is a graphic that looks transparent, the caption is run of the mill bbi text.
unkamunka so - the big question: are we going to have a URL ? :D
Pitkon Yup... Universal Reunion Leftovers... :D
maaneeack I'm not a she, snk was making a funny at my expense ("that's what she said" she as in an imaginary female).
Pitkon Lol... snk got me there... she really did... :D
ser VI When I first saw it I think about Litestep-wrapper or something like...
Pitkon I know what you mean, ser. It's pure BBI...
vin how can i add icons on my menu? just like wat you did. im using blackbox shell. or is it only for BBlean? i hope you can help me. thnx. :)

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