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Horadric Box :: Shraizor User Shraizor
Both red and blue orbs is bbi sliders. Left orb - winamp track position, right orb - sound volume. It is really looks and works as round shapes, no any cheating with wallpaper.  
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Horadric Box by Shraizor

roka hehe, funny idea.
blueswilder This is fantastic design.
captain must have this setup... omfg i love it
blueswilder How do you change the img of sliders? You can make it like a orb, I just can change the color.
Shraizor :) I use BBInterface 0.9.9k9c, it can set style of inner frame of slider (to "none", of course). Each slider placed in frame, also i add to frame many (about 100) small labels contains image (1x1 transparent gif) and move'em to fit shape of the orbs. Style for frame and labels set to "None". Screenshot: link
dpcdpc11 impressive one... and most certantly a new idea.. look really good... the style is also awesome! i see you're a reason user... nice to see here other ppl that use this software!
blueswilder How do you change the img of sliders? You can make it like a orb, I just can change the color.
blueswilder I see, thank you.
captain is there any way you could zip up this config with the wallpaper and email it to me?
TXTR Officially my new fav bb guy, you are super innovative.
mini-man 1 word: genius
Shraizor 2[b]All[b]: I glad to see comments like this, thank you all! 2[b]captain[b]: check your mailbox.
Shraizor oops, i forgot slashes... :) 2All: I glad to see comments like this, thank you all! 2captain: check your mailbox.
blueswilder Email it to me please, and will you make a UI like diablo3?
snkmchnb glad i had the honor of approving this one, excellent work.
Shraizor On published screenshots of D3 bottom panel looks too big to use it without loosing usability of other programs. Autohide function can't be used with my custom shapes solution. And check your mailbox too.
captain thank you so much... it works flawlessly.
cthu1hu nice nice
dejitaru I agree with everyone else Nice Setup! For the life of me I have no idea how the orbs works tho, I think I understand what you mean by them being sliders but I just can't wrap my head around how they actually change the volume or track position.I'd hazard a guess and say all the frames are linked some how, I really need to get got back up with BBInterface's abilities it seems O_o.
Open I'm really impressive. It's very stylish and design work. I have been surprised 8D Could you zip up this config with the wallpaper and email it to me? Thanks. ;)
unkamunka Shraizor in view of the number of requests you're getting, it might be an idea to post the script to the bbInterface thread in the forums?
blueswilder I got you mail, the orb interface is really skilful.
Shraizor 2blueswilder, captain: Nice. 2unkamunka: Ok, here is the link .
maaneeack I think the in game menus (esc menu, message window, etc) have a background that is just a bit more see through/lighter than what you used. Really well done style though, albeit you did use act 2, act 3 with natalya or act 5 with anya opening her red portal would have been an extra kudos for you. 9.9/10 (-.1 for act 2 wallpaper)
Shraizor Yes, in game menus is more transparent, but i want to save readability when menus is over window with light/white background and small text (browser for example). And about wallpaper - unfortunately my cd with LoD is broken and i have only original D2. Act 3 is so dark and many areas covered by water, which looks like black spots. So i prefered to use Lut Golein, it have excelent architecture and looks like city, not village.
blueswilder How can you set frame1 on top of Slider1? And what is null.gif's work? Is null.gif a transparent dot that you set a lot to change the looking of Slider1? Sory for my English.
Shraizor Frame1 is not on top of Slider1, frame is a container for slider control. And for many labels with null.gif (yes, it is transparent dot). After some time i understood - images like that is not really needed for this effect, setting label style to 'none' is enough :) P.S. May be you prefer russian?
blueswilder I see... It is a really huge work! P.S. I speak chinses...

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