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XP desktop July 08 :: etnlIcarus User etnlIcarus
Finally found a decent dark theme for XP. Before this, I just edited the colours of the Win 9X shellstyle via the registry. Most of the time I have the luxury of using linux (link) but when I occasionally need something on Windows, between easy-on-the-eyes colours and a functional window manager, XP becomes considerably less painful. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Excavate (modified) 
Wallpaper Something from 

JKnife Can you post that theme for those of us that run windows?
wez and the settings/skins or whatever your using for emeseme
etnlIcarus Alright, since I'm not really sure what parts people are asking for: Windows visual style: link Blackbox style: link Emesene gtkrc: link I've written a description of where to put it.
etnlIcarus Wait, sorry; wrong blackbox style: link
wez thank you
lefi plz send me this

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