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26.1.09 :: Kastoob User Kastoob
Inspired by this: link 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Layla by kastoob
Wallpaper Layla Amane from graphis 2009 winter special 

thewayofzen not bad.. but it looks like you gave up and didnt finish. for some reason those menus just dont do it for me.. they dont fit with the rest of the style.
kastoob :/ yea i kind of just couldn't be screwed. I was trying to make a style which was different and interesting. the bb4win menu matches the window menus 3dc, I dont find it out of place.
dpcdpc11 really beautiful... i like it! the model is gorgeous.. love her!!
cthu1hu Great work
_|>_ I like how you got the picture of the model in the frame. Very cool.
sexyboy sexy shot!!! could you share the font please? thanks! ;)
kastoob The font is cure. It may be in this pack: link
kastoob Actually my bad, cure is in this pack: link
kowic everything at the right place...wohoo O_o
nothingxs what visual style did you use along with this bbLean theme?
dgen colors are top! menus....flatten the whole thing like i used to do :p
kastoob soz for late reply, i used a 3dc theme with bbleanskin modifying the size of the scrollbars, and displayset modifying the fonts.

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