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cypher :: cthu1hu User cthu1hu
cypher pack here
cypherv2 pack here

includes fonts, 3DCs 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style cypher 
Wallpaper cypher7 

leciphitet these are some very awesome stripes .
Adam Awesome shot. Loving the simplistic but effective design.
noka This is amazing, chu. seriously.
cthu1hu Thanks. @noka: Thanks, it's inspired by your mirev4 screenshot, which I forgot to mention in the notes.
Robert Just when I thought there's nothing more I can do with styles I find this gradient. Nice job. Very chic-ish.
evolve which dock app is that?
cthu1hu Rocketdock.
evolve Thanks much = ]
kowic Kewl :)
zimek what kinde of explorer is that, without any toolbar?

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