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Rebirth preview :: evolve User evolve
A mew style I'm working on though it's only really a preview I've made it available. so expect changes = ] 
Shell xoblite
Style Rebirth by evolve

thewayofzen i like this. 100 zen points!
evolve Thank you = ] working on some tweaks for the next version
jarppi this jpg-compression hurts my eyes! it burnses! seriously though, a good basic style. nice and simple, just the way it should be. but please do something to the compression too. :)
evolve sorry about that I simply use prtsc for my screenshots
cthu1hu This site automagically compresses JPG files a bit. They've upped the compression ratio a lot, but it's still better to submit in PNG format, as it won't get compressed.
evolve Thanks I'll keep it in mind

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