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haxor2 :: cthu1hu User cthu1hu
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style hacker2 
Wallpaper worldmap 

junkie another awesome cthu1hu composition. looks great, man! :) what method / app do you use to change icons? i've tried several, but all failed.. :(
cthu1hu I used the old tango icon patcher. Here's the vista version.
junkie i'm familiar with the tango patcher, but that is limited to a selected number of packages. but thanks anyway! :)
doctorfrog nice style! looks like green jello. is that worldmap a vector? i've seen it in a lot of your screenshots and i wouldn't mind using it myself, but my resolution is 1600x1200.
doctorfrog cth, I'd also like to use your button glyphs. They're very nice.
cthu1hu I searched everywhere for a vector of it, but the best I could find is this . The glyph is here .
doctorfrog thanks!
xyouyou é…·
irish only the best from cthu1hu
ArthurDent where can I download this style?
cthu1hu Here's the style and 3DC. Here's the wall (1280x800).
cthu1hu Finally found a decent world map vector link
member tell me whot is the 'computer' window, is it somehow modified esplorer window or something in bblean?
cthu1hu It's cubic explorer. xplorer2 will do the same thing, and it's better.

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