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Japan|04 revised :: junkie User junkie
this theme has been done to death, i just wanted to kick it one more time, to make sure it's _really_ dead. :)

jokes aside, this is my big comeback to good ole *box world. i revised my existing "japan|04" desktop, took it one step further.

(i still need to assemble a decent menu lol)

Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Japan 04' by The Wizard_69
Wallpaper Customized version of: "Tree of life" by KeR 

cthu1hu Nice, and the menu looks very clean.
doctorfrog it's a style made entirely of dried hemp. what's making your window and widget shadows?
junkie @doctorfrog: is that a bad thing? :) shadows: bbmenu = bblean 1.17, dropshadows option ON, windows = y'z shadow, taskbar = wallpaper :D
junkie ... miranda: drop shadows option ON
doctorfrog not a bad thing at all, i think it looks great.
Et what s ur explorer theme?
junkie @Et: the theme is windows classic with a 3dc theme, the toolbar is "yazoo", included in y'z toolbarm i just re-colored it.

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