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spitfire :: doctorfrog User doctorfrog
Does anyone else hate apps that insist upon using their own skin? Especially when they use a fake Aero skin? Developers: please stop doing this. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean

cthu1hu Nice, faithful bb4win desktop. The biggest culprit here is faststone image viewer. Great app, horrible skins.
doctorfrog Yeah, I would actually use their image viewer if it weren't for the arbitrary skins. Try deleting all the skins files. It displays some horrible Win95 skin. For the style, I'm trying to evoke a soft, fuzzy green with a harder, coppery highlight. Looks pretty attractive on this monitor.
meanmechanics i prefer win95 to that sticky syrup aero.have you tried xnview? Before using faststone capture i was using xnview vs 1.74.nothing comparable but very nice Always admired people who could use the classic bb4win, i always end up using slickrun or the menus. Shortcuts
doctorfrog Yep, I'm actually using the last freeware version of XnView now. It's got a pretty good toolkit, and a clean interface, without IrfanView's kitchen-sink chaos. I really like the in-built draw function for sketching quick callouts.
meanmechanics ...but i think i downloaded faststone coz xnview can't handle transparency...xnview is very nice though and irfan XXX don't want even to here about XD

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