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back to basics :: meanmechanics User meanmechanics
hey! for me, newbie, those names are legends: qwilk, cthu1hu, doctor frog,snkmchnb,grischka,nc17 etc etc etc!!!!!!! why? coz first thing i did after installing my first branch of bb4win was to download the...2433 styles and start to try them out. I have a special place for qwilk's styles because Xoblite is really my preferred bb4win and because seaworthy was bundle in the bb4win mod i dowloaded, solid n pale+charcoal was my xoblite styles... 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style solid and pale by qwilk with a little mod 

cthu1hu qwilk, dreamer and nc17 are the masters.
doctorfrog and, like masters, they've transcended the plane of existence and I haven't seen stuff from them in a while :-P I do miss nc17's styles, and let's not forget thewayofzen, who has a pretty good knack for composing a screenshot. And, of course, cthu1hu, our resident sage. :-)
meanmechanics resident "evil" sage!!! his taste in art always make me forget i have children :-D I think that bb4win needs some new direction to bring the masters back. the other day i was trying a window manager in buntu, fvwm-crystal and i could not resist the thought that it would have been nice to port some of these thing to bb4win. but i don't have any programming skill

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