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ironpenny_desat on EEE 701 :: doctorfrog User doctorfrog
something quiet for my li'l netbook 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style anode_ironpenny_desat by doctorfrog (
Wallpaper b to the set to the root 

miqlas Nice theme. Can You tell me, what is this TrediaMicro Apps program on the desk?
doctorfrog Thanks. The app is PStart, a great little launcher with a ton of useful features. Also, I meant to have the right-click menu showing in the screenshot to balance it out, darn it.
meanmechanics Don't know how you manage get those colors to blend perfectly but every time I try to use them (in a theme or style or wallpaper) I end up with baby's kaka booboo :-D. Works real nice with my netbook!I'm using this wallpaper with it : link
meanmechanics Talking about netbooks...isn't fast stone a Ramvore? I'm using hoversnap. simple, fast, free and no fuss. link
doctorfrog glad you like it! I pored over colors and little snippets of color theory just to get these two colors to work together, and frankly, I don't know how people with real talent do it.
doctorfrog FSCapture only uses only a few megabytes for the few minutes I use it, but it's nice to have alternatives. One other piece of advice for getting colors to work together: desaturate the hell out of them!
meanmechanics Are you serious about fs? (nothing sarcastic hidden?) My version of fs must have gone nuts then coz it's literally eating up everything just to load the damn thing! ah, may be i have a malware hidden, thanks for this info always thought it was fs that was a vore... :-(
doctorfrog I'm using the last freeware version of FSCap, downloaded from Maybe that's the difference? Take a peek at its workings with link, maybe you'll figure out what's going on.
meanmechanics Thanks DrFrog. 2 rootkit, 1 adware (this one I was starting to suspect since I'm always getting popups and my browers would sometimes open up to live jasmin shit) fault I've strip antivirus to bare minimum for the netbook and downloaded some soft from forums (fs too). thanks again didn't thought sysinternals p monitor as needful be4. dumb me!
doctorfrog Once you get cleaned up you might want one additional piece of software: Sandboxie (link). Use it to 'trap' applications you don't trust yet so that you don't dirty up your PC.
meanmechanics :-D :-D may I say that you are my new hero! Very nice little app, it;s like a virtual machine

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