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retrofukation :: meanmechanics User meanmechanics
I really like the Visual Styles by jg-visuals. On vista I've install base link and on xp it's retrofuckation link
the wallpaper link 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style retrofukation by meanmechanics
Wallpaper Bad-Passion-for retrofukation 

doctorfrog that's a pleasing color combination, and i'm familiar with the retrofukation icon set, but something in me wants to see the style stand out further from the faded wallpaper. You can see that even the artist had to add a little blush to the subject's cheeks to add a little life to the scene. Bolding those colors is a little tougher to pull off, yes, because then the coffee brown just becomes brown, and the frosting green becomes all gross and greenie.
meanmechanics you have an eagle eye Drfrog and put your finger on a real tough challenge! In fact I've been fighting with the retrofukation for 2 month. It's only last week when I got xp to try the VS that I've been able to evolve to this version. Like I was saying in another post here, there are strong signatures in the themers community. For example your own themes have a colour combination that I personnally have difficulties with. Another one is cthu1hu's dark foggy colors or snkmchnb high contrast, lyrae's deep dark gray, thewayofzen clear colors(that catch light like no other) and the list is extensive. The retrofukation been a VS first adds up to the difficulties...the interlace feature in bbstylemaker saved me from messing my brushes even more. But I'll come back with a new version may be when I'll finish with a color palette am building up.
doctorfrog I have to agree, for a shell that relies on simple color and shading combinations, bb really does provide enough variety for personal style to shine through. I continue to struggle with finding a good method for understanding and selecting color. I've been using link and link to study why some styles just work and some don't. Still a mystery to me, but I'll get it someday. Keep up the good work, mm!
meanmechanics :-) les grands esprit se rencontrent! He he! my personal study too! In real life I use to be an illustrator/draughtman in architecture now I've moved to engineering and bookkeeping :-( but personally I still do research on colors and it's exactly the kind of color chart that I'm trying to build in inkscape, sadly I don't have any aptitude at programing less I'd be working on an app but these two links are really a treasure!

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