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Mac OS 9 :: Phosphoer User Phosphoer
Style I'm working on to emulate Mac OS 9. It's a combination of a blackbox style and a visual style. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Mac Classic 

Furao Great to see you are working on a new OS 9 style. How far along are you, can't wait to get my hands on it {: Looks promising. Could you please add a version with a darker-shaded task bar as well? This will not go stay true to the original in all likelihood, but bright task bars and background window areas just kill my eyes. Cheers, mate.
Phosphoer Made some progress, added the cool lines on the window title bars, among other changes. I've uploaded the visual style, blackbox style, and background at this link: link Note that the visual style only skins UI components that are visible when using blackbox. The start menu and other such items are not edited yet (though I might do it). I'll try to get around to editing the task bar sometime soon ^^.
Furao Wonderful, thanks. I've been using* for an indefinite time, but then switched to 7 and found it hard to use *box at all. Though my XP x64 still runs it, but it has not been updated in a while (using one of Carsomyr's builds). Thank you for sharing, hopefully you will get round to completing the project, no hurry though. A few days back I was thinking of changing all (most of) the artwork of an xp sp3 shell32.dll to OS 9. That's if I do have too much time to myself** at work, of course {: *box **does that even sound right?
akaakakakakakakaka good

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