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PentaKill :: OpieTheRipper User OpieTheRipper
5v5 game of League of Legends and killed all of them with a few auto attacks... Nothing to be proud of because twitch is highly broken if not targeted... SO TARGET ME NEXT TIME!

Also don't smoke pot because it makes you lose the ability for uberMicro and we all know uberMicro is how you pick up the ladies. 
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Style PentaKill by OpieTheRipper
Wallpaper Twitch PentaKill 

HoN That authorcomment made me laugh. HoN > LoL though :p
OpieTheRipper You see I have been playing DotA for way too long... Since before Frozen Throne. Then HoN beta came out and I played it. At first I was super excited, "SWEET DOTA WITH AWESOME GRAPHICS!" but then I heard about League of Legends and I played it... It is far from DotA while keeping the same concepts. A lot more innovation came from it and better balancing (minus a 2-3 characters.) I love DotA, but to pay for a better graphics DotA that didn't really change much is just ridiculous, but LoL is free and innovative. It truly isn't the same game. LoL > DotAcopyPasta (HoN)
HoN Ofc this is is a very subjective discussion but from what i can say, and yes i too have been playing DotA (we even won 1st DotA League in its early days ;) ), HoN is just what DotA should always have been. The restrictions of the WC3 Engine finally are no more and that, for me, is well worth paying for it (although i actually havent, due to it still being in closed betaphase with free keys :p ). I have to admit though that i have never touched LoL, however it's gfx just throw me off.
OpieTheRipper True true. Well you are definitely right on the HoN is what DotA should of been if not for the limitations of WC3. Don't get me wrong, I'm not dissin on HoN just saying I'm tired of DotA. Also HoN is too dark for me and throws me off a bit :-D

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