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XVI :: requestedRerun User requestedRerun
windows 7 + bblean + tt
Havent submitted here in ages, and Im not sure if its okay that the window manager is true transparency and not controlled by bb, but here goes.
You can download the tt, 3dcc and wall at DA: link 
Shell BBLCBBLean
Style xxiivv by requestedRerun

phosphoer Nice, love the top bar.
Raj Nice and simple. A little too simple desktop for my everyday use though (eg wheres the tray or workspace lables?). TT is allowed here. BBleanskin is just a plugin. To post your desktop here the requirement is a blackbox shell (Windows) or Window Manager (Linux).
requestedRerun Thanks guys I control workspaces through the middle click menu and the tray is auto hidden at the bottom right of the screen :D

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