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sometimes at the office there are loose times with loop holes where you look blankly at your screen like a looney :D 
Shell BBLCBBLean
Wallpaper MAC something i dont remember 

Raj Id like it a little more minimalistic. The rounded corners of windows arent really boxxy. Whys there a huge dock? It takes so much space. I would stick with either BBI or use bbIconbox for app launching. I used to use start button too, but I think theres better ways to access menu - from edge of screen. Either leaving few pixels desktop margin on left, or using bbEdgeHook. Oh, and since youre imitating Mac OS, I dont think the wall is macish. Sorry if I was too harsh.
phosphoer That OS X window style takes up a huge amount of screen space, and man, not a fan of those colors. On the plus side that gradient from purple to white on the left side is pretty nice. Overall seems very cluttered..
meanmechanics LOL you are not that harsh.BBleanskin crash explorer each time I load it.Something to do with my personal experiment with browseui.It is the msstyles original window border that you are looking at.Soliq.As for rounded corners i think you forgetting attempts to implement bitmap skinning e.g. link or most regretted unkamunka next level in bb4win mod to add bitmap skinning.If i am not mistaking it is the holy graal of bb skining.and recently that rounded api in xob bb4 has got some us very excited. The dock is pretty from my point of view and adds to the Mac spirit but not to the box spirit i must admit. The start button is a lure for my office mates and a personal menu to access some special browsers i fancy e.g. lynx.It is always hilariously funny to see someone clicking on one of those links.i understand your point but i really like hovering the edge of my screen and seeing this bar slide down with its start button.As for the wall you are wrong link follow the link.LOL. Thanks for your interest.I may seem arguing nut I am not.
meanmechanics You are both right on one thing.On the overall it is a very crappy ssc.I am sorry for this but i am known for being a real hyperactive.have a look on my other submissions and you will understand more.
lennie What? This site is about *box-es..! :D

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