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YinYang Metal :: Pitkon User Pitkon
Gotta keep this page active, so I am uploading another recent screenie. You can get the full package (wall, icons, bbi script etc) at link 
Shell BBLCBBLean
Style YinYang Metal 
Wallpaper Yin Yang Metal by apb2 

cthu1hu Another nice one. Lot of attention to detail as usual.
meanmechanics Yo!! This one is tough to compete!!! :-)
Pitkon Cthu1hu: Thanks, my friend! meanmechanics: Thanks, you honor me :)
qwilk Pete, which bb(C)Lean(Mod) variant are you using? Although your interpretation of the split gradients syntax is a bit odd, I do not understand why your styles renders the way it does in your screenshot, and would like to look into it (note: I am fairly confident that xoblite is rendering split gradients according to the standard, supporting multiple syntaxes etc)
Pitkon Karl, at the time this style was released I was using BBLeanMod 100901. I am working with BBClean-XZ Mk I right now, a somewhat different beast, will be out within the next few days. If you care to e-mail me a style specifically made on/for Xob I can check differences. When I was using my styles on Xoblite RC3, I remember there were no real differences in rendering between Xob and BBClean. And the intensity of colors on your toolbars were killers, the best I have seen :) I guess you have downloaded my YinYang metal from DA, so no need to e-mail you that.
qwilk Oh... I just looked a bit more at the screenshot, and the toolbar.label odd split was... intentional. And here I thought something was wrong with the style parsing... Sorry! :)
Pitkon Lol, Karl, yes, it was intentional. Was trying to recreate the yin-yang concept :D It is quite alright, it would look odd to me, too :D
qwilk It makes perfect sense now. I guess I was initially just looking at it from a core developer, style parsing perspective... I guess that files under work injuries, huh? ;)
Pitkon It sure does! And I e-mailed you my verdict on Xob outlines... :D

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