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REboxed :: maaneeack User maaneeack
3rd time lucky? When it failed the second time I posted it on deviantart.

bblean with rainmeter on top, keys-leanbar-color-color3dc and hook. rocksolid vs. Once I disabled the psp as a second monitor bblean started working a treat again. Forgot I had set that up. 
Shell BBLCBBLean
Style Simplicity 
Wallpaper 4chan /w/ persona thread 

Pitkon Ah, you did it this time, maan! Good work, too!
R So many tray icons! :o
maaneeack very many, yes. ati, rainmeter, network, internet, xfire, steam, speedfan, n52, spybot, daemon tools, fraps, processhacker, opendns, f.lux, freedownloadmanager, ditto, razer naga & lycosa icons, boinc, avast, everything, sound printer and remove hardware. Too many

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