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No big fuss just a simple scsh to welcome the latest news.Alast bb may be back online and not relegate to the dark corner of the onceknownasanalternativewindowsshell.tks to pitkon, snk, Vrkalak and cthu1hu  
Shell BBLCBBLean
Style black gray by
Wallpaper meanmechanics 

Pitkon Nice and simple, my friend. I would like a little red on the menu and windows as well, but its only me. Thanks from all of us for the go ahead! :)
snkmchnb clean. i like it.
maaneeack I would use it. Whats your cursor set?
skwire Hehe...I recognise that music player. =]
meanmechanics Hi and thks all.Pete you are right and I forgot to mention that it is freely inspired from mango sango litestep theme Lyra.It was not intentional I saw those red buttons and the overall setup on a rainmeter theme.Choira. Thks snk. Maneeak link thks Skwire..hehehe.The guy that coded this little jewel of music player is a genius.He is my fav coder ;)
meanmechanics Forgot to say that maaneeak rainmeter is at the beginning of my bbi top bar

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