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Garam Masala 1.1 :: evolve User evolve
Blew the Dust Off it and updated it for BBWinSkin

Still Released under the Same Terms as from back in may. 
Shell blackbox
Style Garam Marsala by evolve
Wallpaper Set by bsetbg 

El`Criticon mmmmm well this one rocks! nice colours mmmmm maybe the menu can be changed mmmmm id ont think it matches with the rest of the style mmmmmmm 90% =)
evolve mmmm thanks much the menu will be Staying as is because that's how it is in the Visual style and was approved as such by Moshi ; ) but hey feel free to adjust to your liking it is released under the GNU/GPL license after all (was the only way i could release it in the first place)
Pitkon A classic, evlove... Kudos @ evolve and moshi...
moshi still cool :) do something about your icons mate. Jimmac now has some nice 32x32 PNGs on his site, looks much nicer than those IconWorkshop downsizing. link link(just two links, there?s even more)
evolve Thanks much Pitkon.. and Thanks Moshi I'll go have a look at them now = )
auto Nice Work, If i used styles other then my own id use this one =x

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