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half-life2-2 :: sMs User sMs
based on half life 2 wallpaper
btw El'Criticon SUCKS =P 
Shell blackbox
Style half-life2-2 
Wallpaper HL2 

matt nice! so does anyone know when this f'n game is supposed to be released?
Jesterace Interesting noticed he never commented on this screenie... /me ponders.
oldskull Jesterace: Yeah! This style remind me my style sunbox :P
merry El'Criticon is history now, but I'm sure he would said this one SUCKS too, it's pretty obvious why ;). sMs u need to do better ur styles PLEASE.
necroboi sMs = El'Criticon = llama ... isn't it obvious? :p
necroboi You want proof??? ... please take a look at the email El'Criticon posted for his comment on the style 'Evolution' by Pitkon... sMs: if I were you I wouldn't hang around here anymore.. you have the nerve to ask help from people here, yet you show no respect for the very same people posting their styles here... "mmmmmmmm" sound familiar??? ... you'd stop making that sound if you pulled that corncob out of your ass and smartened up :p
email-is-no-proof we all know that sMs == Sega Master System. sheesh. how bout we don't worry about it. no need to start flame wars on all the posts.
necroboi who are you trying to kid, sMs? that was a blunder on your part confusing your alter-ego poster with yourself.. lol ... so of course email isn't proof, but that post IS.
matt no...that was me, atually.
merry I knew that matt, but u cant say its not sMs, is the same writing style with the "mmmmm" and all that, plus El'Criticon is banned from here, why do u think sMs haven't say a word since that? I think we all know who is who (the admins of this site OF COURSE they know sMs = llama = El'Criticon) but let's hope he can behave from now on and lets not make a big deal from this little person who thinks he is great and everyone else sucks, he would realize some day he is the one that "SUCKS! =P" (and this goes for whoever it is El'Criticon).

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