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akai :: dubox User dubox
litestep theme ported to blackbox by permission of its author, west. akai style by me and akai cn2 theme by pitkon. i hope you like it  
Shell blackbox
Style akai for bb by dubox
Wallpaper akai 

oldskull this great too... love that
jeff cool. dubox, you chinese or japanese? do you understand the words on the left?
Tres`ni Is that a wharf on the right? I know it's not BBIcons so..
Pitkon yes, tres'ni, it's a wharf made by me - the first ever collaboration between two users, dubox and me...
Pitkon Well, I meant collaboration on a theme, of course. And the wharf was made using codename2, that great old wharf program. Now, if one of u devs could sometime privide us with a bbwharf plugin... (Hint, hint...)
snkmchnb Fatman is workin on bbshelf, which should be about the same thing... hopefully a release soon :)
Pitkon Unfortunately, it's not a wharf... It must be something more like bluebox's bbdrawer...
Tres`ni Pitkon: Is that a challange for a Wharf? I think it was :-P
dubox oldskull: thanks ,i love it too :) jeff: thanks. no, but one of my best friends is a chinese pitkon: thanks to explain codename2
dubox tres`ni: your right, a bbwharf plugin would be cool ;)
dubox tres`ni: your right, a bbwharf plugin would be cool ;)
Tres`ni If you guys have any code to the codename2 modules, send them my way. I will see if I can add CN2 and LS wharf support..
Pitkon Tres'ni: Now, THIS is a challenge... Of course, the creator of Codename 2 vanished a long time ago, but we'll do our best... (Took me some time to answer, due to time difference...)
Pitkon Jeff: The letters on the left spell AKAI, of course... Sayonara...
enginecamel Where can I find CN2?

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