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DarkWoods :: Jesterace User Jesterace
There it is finished as far as I can see. I thought it would be neat to try this type of a style blending all the colors on toolbar from left to right to match the wallpaper. 
Shell blackbox
Style Dark Woods by Jesterace
Wallpaper Breeding Wastelands 10 

Inauro Very nice! Great mix of colours.
Pitkon This looks awesome, Jesterace, I hope u will complete it soon... U mean u lost all ur styles? Maybe I can help - I have a repository of about 1,500 styles, so if u give me titles...?
Pitkon One more thing... Are u sure about The site doesn't seem to exist...
Inauro It's
Pitkon Thanx, inauro... :)
Inauro do itashimashite
necroboi beautiful
Pitkon hai...
Jesterace Sorry about that i was tired last night when i submitted this screenie :P but Inauro is right. hehe. as far as styles i've lost, I've gotten the ones i've posted on here. But lost the other ones that I hadn't submitted a style file for mere.
auto Kick ass style ;]
snkmchnb nice Jesterace.. lovin' the scheme. hope you finish it soon. sorry about you loosing all your styles, same thing happened to me not too long ago :(
Jesterace thanks guys :)
cthu1hu Nicely done!
kizioR cool style! waiting for uploud ;)
Jesterace Ok style is availible :)
Pitkon Ah, at last! Great!
Pitkon Hey, I noticed u start ur text file with a ! How come u don't have problems with that?
Jesterace Whitebox sticks that in. But the main thing is to have and style,name without the ! in front of it so can parse it and display what and who the style is
jeff this is very cool. love the colors
oldskull yeah, Jesterace make the chat box blowing with 20 msg now! and blowing the screenies area too with a great combinations color style! Love it alot!!!
oldskull i mean comment box, not chat box.
Inauro This has to be some kind of comment box record. Here's another shameless bump for a great style. I figure if snkmchnb can have the 500th style, we can at least top 20 posts for Jesterace. Heh.
Jesterace hahah yea i think it might be a record
Tres`ni Yep, it's the record for most comments on a screenie...

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