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ManMachine Interface :: necroboi User necroboi
The style is made for 'ManMachine Interface' wallpaper by jooki (

Wallpaper can be found at in the 'Stand Alone Complex' section.

*direct link for wallpaper in style file 
Shell blackbox
Style gits2-mmi by necroboi
Wallpaper unknown 

Inauro Nice work necroboi. Keeping an eye on link for Innocence updates by any chance?
DJ Elliott I like this a lot. Love Ghost in the Shell too.
oldskull like this, yummy mmmmm
necroboi thanks guys... Inauro: yep, i hope that they do a simultaneous north america/japan release to theatres like they did with the first gits film
Pitkon Very good, necroboi...
dubox yeah, i like it dark. good job, necroboi
necroboi thx Pitkon and dubox :)

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