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Erevos :: Pitkon User Pitkon
Having a shot at a Chaos clone. According to Greek mythology, Erevos (absolute Hades darkness) and Nyx (Night) were born of Chaos. So, another style will follow - Nyx.
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Style Erevos by Pitkon
Wallpaper ddr_0061_brainleakage by dead dreamer 

snkmchnb cluttered, but leet non the less =)
Pitkon Thanx, snkmchnb... U r right, it does look cluttered, but it's made for convenience - MY convenience, since I have to have access to various things while I work... :)
necroboi ya, nice work on both 'clones'... Pitkon, are you restricted from using a larger desktop resolution due to monitor size? I figure you could use the extra real estate 1154 or 1280 would afford ;)
Pitkon U r quite right, necroboi, but since I'm about to buy a 21'' monitor, my angst will soon be over... lol
Inauro This is great work as always, Pitkon. Chaos has long been one of my favourite styles, and although you've obviously been inspired by it, there is nothing that is really derrivative here. Nice homage.
Pitkon Thanx, Inauro... :)

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