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Night Vision :: Pitkon User Pitkon
Basically, a two-tone theme 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style night vision by pitkon
Wallpaper Azul 

NC-17 it's ultraviolet v2! (in a good way!) it's just that face... that's pretty cool :D link
Pitkon Actually, it's not. I downloaded ultraviolet v2 and compared the two style txt files. There is nothing similar there, not even a single line of text. I've said before u r one of the people who influenced me, but I've never copied a style. What would be the point of it? And, if I find some similarities between my style and someone else's I always notify the original author - as u very well know. The hues are basically similar between Night Vision and Ultraviolet V2, but that's it. Compare the files like I did and u will see for urself... After all, like Beethoven said, "it's only natural that some pieces of music may sound alike. After all, the notes are only seven..."
NC-17 i'm sorry, you didn't get me ;) ultraviolet v2 doesnt exist, mine is just ultraviolet. i was pretending you made ultraviolet v2 here. I wasn't accusing you of anything. it's hard to be original, it just made me think of my style. it was all the hues. everything's fine man, i'm not uptight, i wasn't being angry or anything! indeed about beethoven. i think we've done this talk before hehe.
Pitkon OK, I couldn't help laughing realizing what V2 was (or wasn't). Lol. I just followed the link and not the title... It's ok, NC-17. Really. :)
oldskull naughty boy!
El`Critic lolololololololol goof!
Windowns Wow, very nice Pitkon. Definately digging the face in the middle. The colors are very nice too! I cant help but think "All your base are belong to us" though.. hehe
Pissed Sweet mother of GOD Pitkon! Stop taunting us so and post the location of your hidden wallpaper stash already! I dred seeing you name on this site anymore.... ;)
Pitkon Thanx, guys. As for my hidden stash, it will remain hidden, since there are still about 15,000 pieces left... I think everything will be revealed after the 15,000ish style... Lol...

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