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GOTCHA!!! :: xo0m User xo0m
we finally got him!!! 
Shell xoblite
Style interim by m3g 
Wallpaper "the average centerfold" by dygel 

oldskull hey nice bbsysmon! :)
Tres`ni Got who?
Pitkon Not me, that's for sure... I know what I did... lol
xo0m take a wild guess...pssssst - his name is on the screenie!!!
Pitkon If u mean Saddam, I'm not sure who got whom... :)
bladestaylor from CNN: When the soldiers assisted the man from the hole, he said, in English: "I am Saddam Hussein. I am the president of Iraq. I want to negotiate." The soldiers replied: "President Bush sends his regards."
theduck you got taste xOOm mars volta is awsome

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