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Think Box :: oldskull User oldskull
The style still doubt me, it look funny sometime because I think the white color does not match with that lightpurple. And the wall is not original. The original was apple mac logo. I changed it for my personal use. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style thinkbox 
Wallpaper think diffrent was edited by me for personal use. 

deciding looks pretty nice to me. put up the style!
qwilk /me agrees, it looks really nice! :D
Pitkon The colors go well together, oldskull... I don't think u should hesitate.
oldskull thanks guys, will release it soon at my website.
Tres`ni I love it oldskull! Very nice use of colors
dubox very nice work, oldskull :)
jennx78 i love this style!

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