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Lament :: Pitkon User Pitkon
A dark theme 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style lament by pitkon
Wallpaper Lament by steelgohst at 

cthu1hu Call me crazy, but I've begun to notice some similarities amongst your styles.
Pitkon It's called author's signature. That's how I recognize the work of, say, owl, nc-17, jesterace etc. Like u said, tho, there are SOME similarities. Some of my styles are quite different from some others.
Pissed It's called BBStylemaker. Gris has made a great program and it's just too easy to make simple color changes and call it a new theme...
Tres`ni Okay, and your point is? If it looks good who cares?
Pissed My point was the incredulous slag to cthu1hu on "author's signature" was unwarranted.
Tres`ni He may like the gradients and what not, so that would be "author's signature", therefor, he's statement is not "incredulous", it's very factual
Pissed I'm not trying to start a flame war here, I just thought Pits snippy comment was uncalled for.
Pissed I'm not trying to start a flame war here, I just thought Pit's snippy comment was uncalled for.
Pitkon I was away and read the above just now. Thanx for ur comments, Tres'ni, they r so true. Pissed: I am not trying to start a flame war either, so I won't comment on the fact that, if u read the style files, u'd realize that I don't just change colors. I would like to know, however, how do u happen to know how great Gris' application is and what it does. And I would also like to know who u really are, but then we'd really start a flame war, right? Anyway, I don't think is an arena for such topics. Take it elsewhere or, better still, drop me a line. I always answer to e-mails.
Pitkon Yes, I even answer to e-mails from people with an address of
Pitkon And a final comment: That was no snippy comment. I don't see why u translated a simple statement to cluth1u as an "incredulous slag". Slag? To a friend, a co-author, and a member for this community? I never do that.
oldskull whoa, what happen here?
cthu1hu True that, Pitkon. Pissed was thinking what I was thinking, but it's all subjective anyway, so I'll just shut up ;)

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