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Declaration :: Pitkon User Pitkon
I love bikes, too (not Harleys, tho... I just liked the wp). 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style declaration by pitkon
Wallpaper Harley at 

necroboi cool wall - and the style compliments it well... btw, i still think all your styles would look better at a higher res, so get that new monitor already! ;)
Pitkon Thanx, necroboi - and I DO have that new monitor. Problem is, jpg doesn't allow for a real good screenshot. It's MUCH better on my screen... :(
necroboi i use Hypersnap-DX 5 for captures, you can tailor the save quality of jpg's with it, and take in-game shots like what Arc Angel did with his Tron 2.0 style... also give Snagit a try :)
Pitkon Yeah, I've tried several applications, but they make for HUGE files and I don't want that. Who wants to upload for something like 10 minutes? Sorry, I don't have ISDN (yet)...
AlmostX Hi Pitkon Cool styels...
Pitkon Thanx, AlmostX.. U know how much I like ur styles, too... And I never came around to downloading Grey Love... Can't understand Korean, sorry... :(
AlmostX Hmmm....*^^*

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