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serenity :: El`Critic User El`Critic
i m waiting for bbystermbarex =) hurry up blade.... 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style serenity by sMs
Wallpaper herbitterserenity.jpg 

Pitkon This is ur most un-el'critic style... lol. Nice and smooth. And I see u still like pink. Must be quite an alter ego experience, submitting as El'Critic a style made by sMs... :)
El`Critic i have two personalities ;) and its no about the color, its about the wallpaper i like nice wallpapers like this one =)
auto I want to hate this one because of the color but i cant. Nice work ;]
El`Critic everyone has 20% gay inside the soul =) thats why u like it and i like it =) and pitkon too =) we all have 20% homosexual tendencies =)
Inauro Hmm, i would have said that the colour taps into that cute anime girlfriend aspect. Certainly what i get from the style (which is rather nice) anyway.
KKing how can i make my explorer like the explorer on the snapshot? ;)

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