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New Life For Lostinthebox! 2011-08-25 02:55:29
Lostinthebox was mostly abandoned for quite some time, so us admins/mods decided to give it a facelift, starting with the cleaning up of spam that really flooded its pages (over 1,000 pages, over 15,000 spam posts). In the process, there is a possibility that some legit comments/posts may be lost, although we are trying to make sure that the sweep operation affects only spam. After we clear up the mess, lostinthebox will be open again for new comments and posts, plus new threads and, possibly, news about new Blackbox builds (yes, there is something in the works). Also, is back in action and community news will be posted there as well. Long story short, what we are trying to do is revive a shell that seems to be dying a slow death due to the lack of developers, the advent of Win 7 that dont look eye to eye with some BB build etc. etc. Hope you will be with us every step of the way! Blackbox is back with a vengeance!
Comments: 13   by: Pitkon

phosphoer Best news Ive heard all week! : )
Pitkon Glad you think so, phosphoer!
qwilk Whoa! =)
snkmchnb oh man, look out.. there's qwilk!
qwilk The old school crew re-unites... Must be the post-vacation syndrome ;)
Pitkon Hey, even qwilk is back! I am sure Jesterace is just around the corner. And I know NC-17 will soon arrive. Dont ask me how I know, I just feel it :D
Pitkon BTW, Karl, you never wrote... :(
maaneeack I will delete the crap out of some spam
Pitkon Thats the spirit, maaneeack. BTW, looks like we (me, snk, Vrkalak and cthu1hu) got rid of most spam. :D Plus, we have some new posts up :) Everyone is welcome to post now :D
meanmechanics :D cool Alast but I wont be around often though got some baby feeding to do :(
Pitkon Lol, Alex... Its OK. You are feeding a future BB user there... :D
grombulk hooray! finally some tlc for bb.
Pitkon High time too, grombulk! Thanks for being here :)

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