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Developers Needed! 2011-09-15 01:57:55
Blackbox needs developers desperately. If you can code anything, from a plugin to an improvement on an old open source build to a completely new build (we wish) than please come in touch with us, either on boxshots/lostinthebox/bb4win or e-mail me at You can help this shell and this community find their rightful place in the Windows 7 era. There is some interest expressed, but we do need more and we need to fight back if we want Blackbox for Windows to stay afloat. Plus, we would welcome ideas in the lostinthebox forums on anything that would help to advertise the shell. Box for Blackbox!
Comments: 13   by: Pitkon

Pitkon Very interesting, cthuh1hu! Thank you!
tzils My win7 x64 build needs some bbinterface love... imagine multitouch win7 bblean ahhhh
tzils My win7 x64 build needs some bbinterface love... imagine multitouch win7 bblean ahhhh
tzils -reversing through POST- ... the win7 link is dead :/
Pitkon Says temporarily off line. Cthu1hu, did you download the script?
cthu1hu No, and I removed the original link, because the download link there leads to NSFW content.
Pitkon Perhaps it was a temporary thing, I wrote to the guy and I hope he writes back...
qwilk [changed Console.cpp/h, Desk.cpp/h, Settings.cpp/h, Blackbox.cpp 2011-09-27 qwilk] - The xoblite desktop can now be disabled if running e.g. on top of Explorer in Windows 7: xoblite.desktop.disable: in xoblite.rc/extensions.rc (global setting) - Enables the user to mix *box core elements, plugins etc with regular Explorer elements, e.g. the xoblite toolbar at BottomCenter and the Explorer taskbar on the right... 8) - Tip: The console can be used as a "mini-desktop" for mouse clicks and drag-n-drop of files in this mode - Note that this setting is read only when xoblite is launched (i.e. not re-read on restart etc)
qwilk Here you go: link ...enjoy! :)
Pitkon Thanks for this, qwilk, will try it on for size. I wonder, however: who wants to run BB with regular Explorer elements?
thewayofzen options are always nice ;)
Pitkon So true...
bg All hail blackbox!

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