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Xoblite bb4 Just Around The Corner 2011-10-01 00:02:37
Qwilk presented the new Xoblite bb4 nightly build (RC 3) just the other day which works perfectly well under Windows 7, either run on top of Explorer or as a shell. Believe me, I tried it in both states and it works flawlessly.
New features include:
- The xoblite desktop can now be disabled if running e.g. on top of Explorer in Windows 7:
xoblite.desktop.disable: in xoblite.rc/extensions.rc (global setting)
- Enables the user to mix *box core elements, plugins etc with regular Explorer elements,
e.g. the xoblite toolbar at BottomCenter and the Explorer taskbar on the right... 8)
- Tip: The console can be used as a "mini-desktop" for mouse clicks and drag'n'drop of files in this mode
- Note that this setting is read only when xoblite is launched (i.e. not re-read on restart etc)
There are some issues with plugins (like bbinterface) but surely qwilk will get around to that in time.
Get it from .Screenshot at Comments at
Comments: 15   by: Pitkon

anon 6 years qwilk "soon" :)
qwilk ...touché... =)
dubby This is great! Will it work on Win 7 x64?
dubby This is great! Will it work on Win 7 x64?
Pitkon I am afraid it does not, dubby, but I think qwilk will have to confirm this...
qwilk I guess that depends on how you define work... ;) Seriously though, there are some remaining systray issues with Win 7 in general (a problem for many alt shells), and some specific registry issues (e.g. deleting some RunOnce startup items), but apart from these most things should work OK, including launching (at least as far as I know) the correct executables etc. Have not really tested it that much though, but my wife just bought a Win 7 x64 equipped laptop so maybe now I have to... ;) Oh, and obviously, none of this is an issue if you run xoblite alongside Explorer (see the news item above). This said, all reports of issues, as well as generic feedback, are always appreciated even if I may not have time to adress such issues right away, so feel free to take it for a spin, then let me know how it works. Btw Pete, which OS are you running?
Pitkon I run XP in 3 computers, 7 in a fourth. I mostly use XP, though.
tzils awesome, ill install this weekend, i am on win7 64, running alongside, will bbinterface work?
Pitkon @tzils: bbi didnt work for me. I am using 0.99 k10b. Maybe an older build will work for you.
qwilk BBInterface 0.9.9 -> link
qwilk Btw Pete, do you (or someone else) happen to have the source code to the k10b build you mention? Who is the author btw?
Pitkon Its by kazmix, I will try to get it for you...
qwilk Thanks, found it at link
Pitkon Great. Think you can solve the compatibility issues?
tzils any progress on bbinterface?

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