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BBClean-XZ Released, Works On Windows 7 2011-10-25 00:10:00
XZero450 released his customized BBClean for public use. It has some features not used before, since – as XZero450 himself puts it – “never made it into the public releases because they were unpolished, untested, or were incomplete by my standards. Some were rejected by noccy who at the time was in charge of the development”. BBClean-XZ works perfectly well under Windows 7 and comes in a full package including, among other things, a customized bbleanskin. According to XZero450, bbleanskin “has some tweaks and changes. The major one that comes to mind is that it unrolls all the windows that have been rolled up. This is because I had issues with certain applications remembering that size and thus were no bigger than the titlebar the next time they were started. This will cause Blackbox to take a little longer to shutdown depending on the amount of windows skinned”. There is also a new SystemBarEx version, the plugin XZero “inherited” from Slade Taylor and enriched with various features. Like he says, “it’s only slightly different than the public release”.
BBClean-XZ is now one of the two Blackbox flavors with new characteristics, like split gradients, that perform perfectly well under Windows 7, the other being Xoblite RC3-4. Get it from
Comments: 5   by: Pitkon

raj This is great news. Why am I the only one commenting!? Looks promising, Ill try it out. Too bad I dont have 64bit OS now. Pitkon - can you post this news on our dA group too?
90a8gj the goggles they do nothing! great shell, unfortunately when i set it as the default shell in windows 7 other startups are halted and the shell cannot be selected, what is the "correct" way to set this as the default shell in windows 7?
Pitkon Raj: Slipped my mind - surely I will. And people are usually slow to respond :) 90a8gj: I use ShellOn, a shell switcher-manager that lets you choose your shell on startup. I have no issues whatsoever, works like a dream and works with all plugins I tested it with. Just make sure you have the latest bbimod itunes (10b) by Kazmix, older builds crash Blackbox.
Pitkon Raj, I will withhold posting for two or three days. XZ had a rendering problem with split graphics. XZero fixed it and added an outline text feature, like bbleanmod by nocd5. A great build becomes even better - and there are more goodies for later releases :D Will update news shortly...
raj @Pitkon: ok, cool

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