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BBClean-XZ Updated 2011-11-03 23:26:18
XZero450 made a good build even better by tweaking some rendering problems on his BBClean-XZ build and adding outline text, as in BBLeanMod by nocd5. He also put together a full package for newbies, including everything they need to run BBClean-XZ right away (rc files, bsetroot/bsetbg, plugins, and his own styles). Again, get it from
Comments: 9   by: Pitkon

cthu1hu Thanks XZero450.
XZero450 Your welcome. =]
qwilk Hmm, what is the style syntax to use outlined text in bb(C)Lean(Mod)? Any de facto standard, or fragmented? Just curious... :)
Pitkon Style syntax is toolbar.outlinecolor, label.outlinecolor, menuframe.outlinecolor etc.
qwilk OK, but how do you enable it? Part of the font setting a la xoblite handling of bold etc, or enabled by defining a colour? (i.e. if not defined -> no outline)
XZero450 qwilk, if not defined -> no outline. There is no setting to enable or disable, and there is no default color.
Pitkon qwilk, it is enabled by defining a color. If label.outlinecolor etc. is not included in the style syntax, then outline is ignored. In combination with shadow, you can get some amazing results, as you have probably seen in my deviantART screenies...
qwilk Outline combined with shadow? URL?
Pitkon You can either download bbleanmod by nocd5, or BBClean XZ using the news item link. As for style files, I think I am the only one using outline and shadows. Again, you can have a look at my DA screenies and download the whole packages, or ask me to e-mail you any styles you are interested in :)

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