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BBClean-XZ Mk II, A Blackbox Landmark 2011-11-16 02:45:29
XZero450 is working on his next release, which will be revolutionary for two main reasons – among other things.
First, he will attempt to unify BBClean and BBLeanMod into one build, incorporating more of nocd5 and Alex3D enhancements and working on gradients so that will match those of BBClean, BBWinMod and Xoblite. As he says, “thus, plugins can be compiled against all 3 bases and render similarly”.
Second, the looks of Blackbox for Windows branches will go one step further, by BBClean-XZ Mk II incorporating a menu grip. Now, the older members among you may remember Lithium Desktop by the Mouse People, a Blackbox for Windows look-alike shell that was not free and that went down the drain soon after its release in the early 2000s. The only remarkable thing about this shell was that, besides using Blackbox style structure, it included a grip at the bottom of the menus, a bar exactly like Menu Title but at the bottom. This grip will be handled by the same Menu.Title style commands, but as Menu.Grip. Thus, menus will be much prettier, with menu.grip color, texture and height absolutely adjustable. Release date will be announced shortly…
Comments: 9   by: Pitkon

qwilk I am afraid the compatibility aspect is not that simple. Long ago when the split gradients etc were introduced it was virtually impossible to get all the developer to agree upon a common styleItem definition etc. Then again, there are fewer developers to consider now... ;)
XZero450 Yeah, that will be the hardest to accomplish if possible. Though I doubt it will be much of an issue considering how many developers do exist currently. ;-)
XZero450 Yeah, that will be the hardest to accomplish if possible. Though I doubt it will be much of an issue considering how many developers do exist currently. ;-)
Pitkon I think this is what qwilk was getting at :D And it would be great if we finally had ONE main branch, like Blackbox for *nix, plus some specialist branches for people who need less or more, like HackedBox and Fluxbox/Openbox.
qwilk link
Pitkon Like I said, looks great! And if it is totally configurable, like Menu.Title we can play with appearance, width, borders, text, the lot :D
Pitkon Plus, did I see 8-color gradients AND a vertical toolbar in there?
qwilk Whether text should be supported and if so how (addition to [end] tags in menu.rc?) is perhaps a topic for discussion, and therefore I do not plan to support it in xoblite bb4 RC4 at least. However, menu.grip.appearance, menu.grip.color1/2/3/4 (or their old syntax equivalents), menu.grip.borderWidth and menu.grip.borderColor are already supported. What syntax should be used to define grip height though? I am temporarily using menu.grip.marginWidth, but that is obviously not an ideal choice (or maybe it is?). Finally, it is not a given how grip vs frame borders should be handled, although in the interest of consistency I am leaning towards the bbLean bug/feature approach to drawing it, where the menu.frame border is drawn on top of the menu.title border (with a few odd twists). Any thoughts? Anything missing? Did any other shell/DE except Lithium support this? (etc)
Pitkon All shells based on graphix (can) support menu.grip. The most famous example is Litestep, where popup.bottom is almost as popular as popup.title. I am all for text within the grip. It offers more stylistic options (you can even add your name or something... lol). And you can always leave it blank. grip.margin is just fine for grip height. That is what I was thinking of myself. And, for me, menu.grip height is as important as the menu grip itself, because you have to be able to handle it from 1 to whatever. Again, more stylistic options. Yes, borders can be implemented exactly the way you describe it. We have menu.title and menu.frame as an example, which work perfectly well. Once again, more stylistic options :) I do not think anything is missing, at least as far as menu.grip goes. But it would be great to be able to determine the distance between separators. Just a thought :)

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