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BBRun Reloaded, Works On x64 Systems 2011-12-08 00:29:25
The -r- uploaded his latest bbrun release, which works on x64 systems as well.
bbRun / bbRunBar is a configurable "run" plugin, originally designed for bbLean, compatible with Xoblite and other branches of Blackbox For Windows 32 and 64 bits.
* Configurable, click-able, Text-only, no-buttons input box
* Open files with shell parameters, run shell commands, Broadcast Messages (Broams: call menus, interfaces, anything possible with blackbox)
* Creates and uses aliases allowing to turn complex operations into simple user-friendly commands
* Recursive aliases (alias of an alias of...) with placeholders ($) and prefix modes.
* Since bbRun can be invisible and its Alias system can be used from outside (, menus and interfaces can also use bbRun features.
* Environment variables for the whole Blackbox environment, increasing possibilities for other plugins (such as bbInterface) and portable applications (no install needed) to create a portable and powerful system (e.g.: instantly working from a flash drive in any PC)
* Everything set up and managed from its configuration file: bbrun.rc )
* Optionally shrink Blackbox memory each time a shell command is executed. Useful on older low memory NT/XP systems.
* Command history, aka Most Recent Used (MRU) list, configurable.
* 2 interfaces to choose: classic bbRun (a pop-up dialog) or bbRunBar (blackbox style bar or box)
bbRun user interface is minimal: like Windows "Run" dialog (Win+R hotkey), and the current directory is displayed. Like a console, but no output.
2 user interface versions are included:
* bbRun: standard run dialog, invisible, called by Broam (or hotkey).
* bbRunBar: blackbox-style bar, sizeable, configurable; it can be hidden, or used inside the Slit. Vertical layout can be used for a "more box than a bar" aesthetics.
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