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Marching to a new drummer 2003-09-12 17:02:41
Well, it's been a fun ride for the past year or so that I've been running thing here at, but my time has come. Effective yesterday, I've handed over the administration of this site to Jesterace. He'll be running the day to day show, and I'll help out with the site's PHP code. More information on all this will be available shortly on BB4Win. Thanx for the support and for having the faith in me and my site! I'm going to miss ya'll :-P

And now here's Jesterace:

Hello Everyone, I am Jesterace and I'll be your new admin here at My plans are to keep the site up to date and as well as approve your screenies in a timely and mannerly fashion. The rules will be kept as they are currently. That means clean screenshots with no pornographic imagery via be it a wallpaper, or an image in a image viewer, Browsers, etc. Basically stuff we can show to our grandmothers and the like.
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auto Tres`ni: Thanks for all the hard work you put into the site it shows. Im also glad you put the site in good hands, im sure Jesterace will do a great job.
Jesterace I'll try to do the best job I can :) hehe, bring on the screenies and more BB news fellas

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