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Possible New Style Repository. 2003-10-16 17:35:20
With The online/offline happenings of freeb0rn's Style Repository and The need of some for one
Central place to Find *box Styles, I've given thought to creating a New Style Repository on My server.

Before doing so I thought I would see what the *box community Thoughts were about this Idea.
so Please feel free to comment here or Follow the Story link to my Site to leave a comment.
Comments: 7 story link by: evolve

Pitkon A style repository is a must. As a frequent visitor of the old (and a mourner of its demise) I have often wished for a style repository, something like freshmeat for *nix. However, I must agree with Jesterace: too many style sites around can create confusion and this is not for the community's benefit. I think all of u/us guys must get togerher and decide for a central repository, something along the freshmeat lines, at a site with the highest load/storage capacity, speed and accessibility. I hope is up to it, since it's already a meeting place for community members AND a screenshot/style repository in itself. If not, evolve's site is a strong possibility - but I still think we must get together, submit ideas, and propose solutions that will work for us. After all, this is what a community is all about, right?
evolve That's the Reason why i felt I felt I should see what everyone thinks before hand and if the majority agrees I'll put it into place. Granted yes there are many site of individual Style creaters and Places like Devart and Skinnables. As freeb0rn's site used to be the main hub for all to submit thier styles even if they didn't have a site so I thought it would be a good Idea to return such a thing to the community once again.
Tres`ni Once many moon ago, freeborn gave me all the styles and what not that were on his site, I decided to go a differant route with though, and now we have this site which is a compromise between what I wanted to do and what freeborn was doing. It's not prefect by any means, but it works :-P I've thought about doing an old LSnet (ala when jalist was running the site) type of site, just haven't really got around to put those plans into action... My biggest concern has always been copyright infringement and the like, that's part of the reason I don't allow wallpapers to be uploaded, you can link to the author's site if you'd like, but I stay away from direct uploading.. Maybe I'm just being paraniod :-P Anyway, it's pretty much Jesterace's call anymore and I don't remember what I was rambling about..
evolve copyright infringement is also a concern i've mine and as such i was going to have a submission policy in place and "try" to police to the best of my ability ; ]
xo0m the more style sites, the better ;)
iridium thumbs browsing would be cool.
evolve For the Time being the idea has been put on the backshelf but keep an eye out in the future.

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