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updated bbdocs 2003-12-09 08:12:30
ok.. after some people keep asking for updated versions of bbdocs that have all the information with the newer releases, i have uploaded them to my site. click on bb docs of course to get there. soon the layout will be updated and bb docs will fit the rest of the site, as well as be able to get back to the main portion of the site via link.
Comments: 4 story link by: snkmchnb

moshi thanks a lot :)
Tres`ni Nicely done snkmchnb! NOw when you going to docs for all my plugins? :-P
snkmchnb Tres`ni: actually, that is also on the list of things to do... forgot to list it though... future plans :)
Pitkon Great job, snkmchnb... Right now I am working on The Complete Style Handbook, the first tutorial of its kind, almost finished. Will send it over as soon as I put down THE END.

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