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Amethyst _Bling :: crowmag User crowmag
OK peps, sum1 was asking for screenshots of the new bbLean 1.13b6 in the tagbox. I've been checking it out on my Win 2k box but the vid card in it (SiS 305) displays colors that look washed-out so I had to get b6 on my XP box for the ss's.

I haven't uploaded styles in a while due to procrastination so, I'll be uploading my backlog over the next few days.

Here you can see the new bbLeanSkin button glyphs, I hear they resemble the BBWinSkin buttons now. Notice the unfocused window's grips and handle look like one solid bar - this is due to the fact the grips are "parent relative".

As far as this bsetroot style goes... it looks more brown on my 2K box but it's really a dark purplish. Don't know how it will look on your machine.

3DC file included. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Amethyst _Bling by crowmag :

Pitkon Using b6 (bblean and bbleanskin) myself, I say this looks great. Elegant style, crow...
crowmag Thanks Pitkon
Arc Angel Simple and Slick, I like it...
qwilk Hmm... bbLeanSkin is no longer compatible with xoblite (and it's not just the ReadValue not exported thing), I wonder why?
qwilk ...or it is no longer compatible with the BBWinSkin loader, I don't know which it is... ;)

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