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Anodized_Colorbox :: crowmag User crowmag
Another ss of bbLean and bbLeanSkin 1.13b6, here the grips of the unfocused window are not "parent relative" so they are skinned as seperate items.

Info about the style: after doing the "Kate_Lied" style I experimented a bit with "color blends" in the gradients. This style was a success (imho), I espesially like the putrid looking unfocused window titlebar and grips ;P

I use the bsetroot for this style as the wall is something I cooked up a few years ago - it's not much but it was good food for my colorpicker. If sum1 really wants it I could email it to them.

3DC file and alternate bsetroot bg included. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Anodized_Colorbox by crowmag :
Wallpaper Geometry_Lesson-II.png 

Pitkon I am a sucker for those colors... Great job!
crowmag Once again, thanks Pitkon. Blending colors in the gradients is kinda hit or miss, I got lucky on these as there were alot of falures. Seems that one of the colors has to be really bold and the other dull for it to work :)
Pitkon Lol... Doesn't always work that way... U r using bbstylemaker, right?
crowmag No, although the format of the style files are bbStyleMakeer, I have 5 basic templates that I use to make my styles: grad1, grad2, flat, solid. Now that I have some experience I find it easier to start out with search and replace on the template colors (which are grayscale) and then start tweaking the different elements (usually the menu first) one by one and trying out different textures. I came to that conclusion bc that is what worked in the menu of Kate_Lied and in this style but I guess I have some more experimenting to do ;P
crowmag oh.. 5th template is another grad but ~dark~

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